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Here is a little about me and some of my interests.

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  • I am a member of Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans, ASIA
  • I am a member of Guild of American Luthiers, GAL
  • Land Cruisers - Local MD, DC, and VA
  • Long Wheelbase 40 Series Land Cruisers
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  • Rice Audio: Direct Boxes and Bass Pickup System by Bob Rice
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  • Town of Washington Grove "A town within a forest"

    Here are some useful links:

    45 Wagons
    45 Pickups
    Other 40 Series
    Long Wheelbase Pictures
    Go to Pinky Show
    The Pinky Show reports on issues and tries to explain them in simple terms. This is one of my favorite social commentatry sites.
    Worlds Smallest Political Quiz
    The original two-dimentional political quiz devised in 1969 by the political scientist David Nolan.
    Go to www.dilbert.com
    A great bar at a great price. No extra charge for custom sizes. While I own several bars from other makers my bar from this maker is the bar I choose use for 95% of my playing.
    Musical Instrument Makers Forum
    Linda Manzer Luthier Maker of extraordinary instruments.
    Linda introduced an innovation to instrument making back in 1984 which she calls The "Wedge"Štm. Basically the body depth on the bass side of the instrument is decreased and the body depth on the treble side is increased.
    The net result is a more ergonomic instrument which does not reducee the air volume inside of the body.
    Grit Laskin Luthier With and without his inlay artestry, his instruments are fine instruments.
    Laskin introduced the following very cool innovations to instrument making.
    • "Armrest" bevel on lower bout
    • "Ribrest" bevel on upper back edge
    Larry Sifel Luthier (1948-2006) Larry was a fine luthier that evolved in to doing exotic inlay work utilizing CNC cutters.
    To the best of my knowledge he did not built a guitar during the last 10 years of his life.
    If you get a chance to play one of his guitars do not pass up the oportunity.
    Denise Franke dot-com
    Nina Gerber dot-com
    Ray Wylie Hubbard
    David Lindley's Site Check his Links he often has some interesting ones.
    Kristina Olsen
    Acme Vaporware
    Bon Mot of the Moment. Brought to you by Psycho-Ex Dot Com
    Sarah Fisher: This driver qualifed for the Indy 500 at the age 19! Finished 2nd at Grand Prix of Miami at age 20.
    Land Cruiser List Servers
    The often visited CLCC Website
    Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland Keep Montgomery County Safe
    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Aaron Zelman - Executive Director
    Gun Shows in Maryland
    Computers: The machines we love to hate (moderated by Jack Stoner)
    ARRL - American Radio Relay League
    This Week in Amateur Radio
    TaskInfo2003 A useful MS-Windows Utility (for MS Windows only)
    Speakeasy Speed Test SpeakEasy - IP speed testing service.
    Tux says, 'Linux now!' Linux.com
    Miskatonic University Miskatonic University
    Motorola GM300 Programming

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